„Tubby” mugs
(4 dl)
(9x9 cm, 4 dl)
Straight mug
(10x10 cm, 4 dl)
„Tubby” mugs
(9x10 cm)
Beermug with „chickweed” pattern Mug with tea strainer
(9x13 cm, 4 dl)


Tile stoves

Tile stovesBesides the kitchenware and ornaments tiles for stoves are also prepared in my workshop and I’m also engaged in building tile stoves with the help of my colleague. Tile stoves can be built in traditional and folk style depending on the type of the tiles. Take a look at the complete stoves and variations of tiles on the homepage of Barakonyi tile stoves.

Pottery in use

Take a closer look at the way our pottery can be used in smallerPottery in use households as well as restaurants... To the picture gallery